Vintage York archery long bow green white 54" recurve
Greetings AGAIN AND AGAIN to all my customers. Please keep in mind that everything I sell we have a limited supply of or we MAY HAVE ONLY 1. This means if you see something that is a really good deal and you can stock up you should. Because once it is gone then it is gone. Also, please keep in mind that if there is a problem with an item contact me. I will resolve it to your liking. I have a 100% ...  More
Price: $35.89

Vintage all wood youth long bow - York J50 14 - 61" long
PLEASE READ ENTIRE AD. I try hard to describe all items as best as I can. If I notice a problem, I'll let you know, but I am not an expert on everything. I will tell you if something is missing if I know about it, but if I don't say anything and you don't see it in the pictures, then ask. If you know an item comes with extra stuff and you know it might hidden within the item, then tell me where to ...  More
Price: $25.0