Vintage York archery long bow green white 54" recurve
Greetings AGAIN AND AGAIN to all my customers. Please keep in mind that everything I sell we have a limited supply of or we MAY HAVE ONLY 1. This means if you see something that is a really good deal and you can stock up you should. Because once it is gone then it is gone. Also, please keep in mind that if there is a problem with an item contact me. I will resolve it to your liking. I have a 100% ...  More
Price: $26.92

Vintage 64" York Woodcraft Longbow
This is a vintage York Woodcraft longbow. I measured it at about 64" long. It is all wood with a leather center. The leather has bite marks. The bow appears to be in good condition. No warping and should still work. I am also selling this man's old Bear quiver, arrows and leather wrist guard. All items I sell are vintage and most are antique. None are perfect. Please expect general use and wear th ...  More
Price: $75.0